Thanksgiving Turkey

What we’re looking at here is a turkey. My favorite part about it was the tail. It was very easy. I just needed to add a couple of block bricks to build it. You want to use red, orange, and yellow. Okay, I think that’s good enough because there aren’t that many parts to show

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Deep Sea Shipwreck

The swordfish and a lot of sharks were biting the ship. Then it sank to the bottom. And then two scuba divers come down and find a ship and a treasure. I built this myself. It’s a very cool build. There are scuba divers in it and a treasure and a crab and a fish

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Lawn Mower

This is my custom LEGO lawn mower. One day I saw a lawnmower cutting our grass. When I was in the middle of building this we had to go to a place but I forget which place it was. I like the tube on the back. And if you want to build your own you

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